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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2003, No 11



Brei V.V., Grebenyuk А.G., Brichka А.V.
Study of methanol to hydrocarbons conversion mechanism on zeolites by desorption mass-spectrometry method - 1

Khomenko K.N., Brei V.V.
Synthesis of ZSM-5 zeolite on the basis of high dispersed aluminium containing silica - 9

Patrylak K.I., Okhrimenko M.V., Patrylak L.K., Likhnyovskyi R.V., Kondratyuk A.Z.
Dynamics of coke formation for the small grades of the active surface coke filling - 13

Patrylak L.K., Korovitsyna G.S., Patrylak K.I., Yakovenko A.V., Manza I.A., Bartosh P.I.
Localization of the exchange cations and the reduced metal within zeolite NiNaY by ammonia temperature programmed desorption method - 16

Patrylak L.K., Romanyuk R.V., Levchuk M.M., Manza I.A., Tsupryk I.M.
Linear pentane and hexane isomerization on the synthetic mordenite base catalysts - 21

Patrylak L.K., Ionin V.O., Bartosh P.I., Likhnyovskyi R.V.
Comparative properties of the zeolite acid catalysts of different preparation - 25

Vykhrestyuk N.I., Ishchuk Yu.L.
Composition, structure and role of oxygen-containing compounds in lubricating materials of various application - 29

Kovtun G.O., Kameneva T.M., Kochkanjan R.O.
Fullerene С60 in chains break of an organic compounds oxydation - 36

Kovtun G.O., Pluzhnikov V.O., Tsigankov S.A., Pustarnakova G.F.
The Сluster of cobaltous Co3(μ3-C–C6H4NHR-p)(CO)9 in catalysis oxidation break of chain of 1,4-cis-polyisoprene - 39

Shkaraputa L., Mitrohina L., Morozova I., Tishchenko L., Danilenko V., Abrosimov V.
Temperature conditions of a disk extrude - 42

Baransky K.I., Pivovar V.P.
Increase of serviceability of diesel engines by application of new motor oil Galol M-4042 TD - 46

Tarasenko Y.A., Boldyreva N.A., Gerasimuk I.P., Lapko V.F., Yatsimirskiy V.K.
Synthesis and studying of Palladium Supported Catalysts on Active Carbons in model reaction of hydrogen oxidation - 51

Lyavinets O.S.
Composition of hydroperoxides and their role in branching of chains of liquid-phase oxidation n-paraffins - 57

Soloviov S.A., Boehman А., Pavlikov V.N., Garmash Е.P., Kurilets J.P., Shamray А.А., Pleskach I.V.
Diesel gaseous exhaust clearing catalysts - 63

Gyznevskij V.M., Humenetskyj V.V.
The effect of alkaline-earth promotors on physical and chemical properties of the Fe-Te-Mo-Ox -catalyst - 68

Kosmambetova G.R., Kancerova M.R., Orlyk S.N.
Influence of carrier nature and modified additives on catalytic activity of manganese catalysts in methane deep oxidation reaction - 74

Kashkovskу V.I.
Promises of mechano- and microwave- chemistry in heterogeneous catalytic processes - 78

Khalameida S.V., Zazhigalov V.A.
Mechanochemical modifying of V-containing catalysts - 85

Zazhigalov V.A., Cheburakova E.V.
n-Pentane partial oxidation on VPBiO catalysts - 98

80-th anniversary of prof. P.N. Halich - 104

Ishchuk Yu., Shkaraputa L.
Skliar Volodymyr. Short bibliography & scientific activity - 106

In commemoration of prof. O.L. Hlavati - 113

Regulations for authors - 114