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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2006, No 14



Kashkovsky V.I., Grigor’ev A.O.
The olefins metathesis – the past, present, future - 1

Kashkovsky V.I., Grigor’ev A.О.
The olefins metathesis– catalysts, mechanism, kinetic - 11

Patrylak L.K., Okhrimenko M.V.
Coke formation over zeolite catalysts - 22

Pop G.S., Bilenka V.I.
Obtaining surface active systems and colloid-chemical levers controlling their properties - 33

Shapoval G.S., Myronyuk I.Ye., Gromova V.P., Kruglyak O.S.
Voltamperometric investigation of catalytic redox-processes involving aminoacids - 43

Podlennykh L.V., Nikulichev Yu.G.
Influence of Cooling Rate of Soap-Oil Solutions and Availability of Surfactants upon Dispersity and Structure of Lithium 12-Hydroxystearate and its Thickening Efficiency - 49

Jarmoluk B.M., Korotkova N.P., Bereza L.I.
Tendencies of application of additives for Gasolines - 53

Yatsimirsky V.K., Oleksenko L.P., Lutsenko L.V.
Kinetics of carbon monooxide oxidation at bimetallcontaining catalyst Co-Pd/ZSM-5 - 71

Shkaraputa L.N., Mitrokhina L.L., Morozova I.P., Alimova O.V.
Modulus of elasticity – relevant parameter of an extruded protective coating - 77

Gyznevskiy V.M., Humenetskiy V.V., Moshkovska I.V., Mackiv O.O.
Utilization of isoamylic alcohol – the by-product of ethanol production - 81

Gyznevskiy V.M., Humenetskiy V.V., Macjkiv O.О., Ivasiv V.V.
Gas-phase oxidation of iso-butylic alcohol over Fe-Te-Mo-oxide catalyst - 85

Коvtun G.O., Каmeneva Т.М., Pavlischuk V.V., Gavrilenko K.S.
Сomplex [Fe2MnО(CF3COO)6(H2O)3] in catalysis of oxidation chains termination of benzylalcohol - 91

Tsygankov S.A., Kovtun G.О.
Cluster’s of a cobalt Co3(μ3–C–R)(CO)9 – stabilizers of oxidation of organic compounds - 95

Cheburakova E.V., Alexandrova V.S., Bacherikova I.V., Zazhigalov V.A.
The influence of the additives on physical-chemical properties of VPO-catalysts - 102

Samchenko Yu., Cyrina V., Altshuler M.
The sorbtion properties of disperse copolymer hydrogells - 112

Fedevitch E.V
Structure and catalytically features of the Те-Мо-О system in the oxidation reactions of lower olefins - 116

Коvtun G.O., Каmeneva Т.М., Nesterov D.S., Kokozay V.N.
Catalysis of oxidation chains termination of alcohol by heteropolynuclear complex [CuCoCd(L)2(H2L)2(NCS)Br2]CH3OH - 129

Shevchuk V.U., Babyak L.V., Matsyak А.M., Abadjev S.S.
The effect of γ-Al2O3 as a binder on the catalytic properties and mechanical strength of high-silica zeolite - 131

Коvtun G.O.
Metathesis: Nobel premiya-2005 - 134

Regulations for authors - 136