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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2007, No 15



Kukhar V.P.
Biomass – potential feedstock for chemical industry - 1

Samchenko Yu., Pasmurtseva N., Altshuler M.
Sorption properties of (co)polymeric hydrogels with nanodimensional pore structure - 16

Brei V.V., Prudius S.V., Shistka D.V., Melezhik А.V.
Synthesis of high acid 14WO3–Nb2O5 on different oxide carriers - 21

Patrylak L.K., Ionin V.O.
Isobutane with butenes alkylation - 26

Stepanov A.V., Kovtun G.A., Matusevich G.G.
Integrated technological and power units for remainless oil refining - 38

Pavlenko M.I., Soroka Ya.M., Gvozdyak P.I., Kukhar V.P.
Biological degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - 46

Shkaraputa L.M., Mitrokhina L.L.
Estimation of the non-steady temperature fields at anticorrosive coating forming - 63

Brei V.V., Shistka D.V., Prudius S.V.
Benzoylation of anisole and toluene on superacid catalyst WO3/ZrO2 in flowing regime - 67

Zaderko A.N., Diyuk V.E., Budarin V.L., Gomonyuk L.N., Yatsimirski V.K.
Double bonds reactions on a surface of activated carbon: bromination and nucleofilic subsitution - 70

Parkhomenko P.I., Makarenko O.G., Musienko O.A., Kurilchik S.M., Kril L.M., Parkhomenko V.I., Pavlovskyy O.A., Parkhomenko V.P., Ostrik D.V.
The Synthesis and some properties of 3-Methylsulfolanil-3-isocyanate - 75

Тanchuk Yu.V., Kukhar V.P.
Asymmetric dimethyl hydrazine. Chemical conversion and utilization - 87

Sukhoveev О.V., Kovtun G.O., Sukhoveev V.V.
Bis(N-phenylanthranilates) of intransitive metals – antioxidizing additives to organic compounds - 94

Kovtun G.A., Zhila R.S., Kameneva T.M.
Kinetic model of fullerene С60 inhibiting action at oxidation of benzyl alc - 97

Matviichuk D.A., Kashkovsky V.I.
Metathesis of functional olefins - 101

Protsyshyn V.T., Golik M.A.
The synthesis of oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals on esters and amids oleinic acids basis - 108

Pop G.S., Belenkaya V.І.
Colloid-chemical control levers of light invert dispersion properties - 112

Kobylyansky E.V.
Overbased phenolate complex greases - 117

Zhelezny L.V., Butovets V.V.
Oxidation kinetics of lithium complex greases based on synthetic oils - 122

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