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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2008, No 16



Kovtun G.O., Piljavsky V.S.
Improvement of labor parameters of engines cars by antifriction treatments of cylinders - 1

Kovtun G.O., Zhyla R.S., Kameneva T.M., Pluzhnikov V.O., Moskalenko O.V.
Fullerenes are antioxidative additives to oils - 5

Brei V.V., Melezhik A.V., Shistka D.V.
Transesterification of rapeseed oil by ethanol on solid acidic catalysts - 8

Brei V.V., Bodul N.S., Dordij N.K.
Оligomerization of tetrahydrofuran on superacid WO3/ZrO2-catalyst - 14

Patrylak L.K., Ivanenko V.V.
The peculiarities of the zeolite catalysts deactivation - 16

Tanchuk Yu.V.
Sugars, fats and their derivatives as reagents for organic synthesis - 27

Kashkovsky V.I., Karpik E.N., Dolia L.P.
Kinetics of the olefins C6–C8 metathesis on alumorenium catalyst - 38

Kashkovsky V.I., Karpik E.N., Dolia L.P.
Influence of some factors on process of the hexen-1 metathesis on hard catalyst - 42

Kashkovsky V.I., Karpik E.N., Dolia L.P.
Some aspects of rhenium-containing catalyst regeneration for olefin C6–C7 metathesis - 49

Sukhoveev V.V., Kovtun G.О., Sukhoveev О.V., Priplavko S.О., Senchenko G.G., Shvidko O.V.
Synthesis and research of the growth regulating effect of the complexes of intransitive and post-transitional elements on the basis of N-sulpholan-3-il-glycocoll on some agricultural crops - 53

Polunkin E.V., Malchenko O.A., Kovtun G.A.
Ethanol in gasolines - 58

Sukhoveev О.V., Kovtun G.О., Sukhoveev V.V.
The reactivity of peroxil radicals with bis(N-phenylanthranilates) of barium - 63

Gomonay V., Szekeresh K., Golub N., Cherniavska T., Barenblat I.
The influence of some physical and chemical parameters on the selectivity of borophosphates in the reaction of methane oxidation - 65

Shapoval G.S., Gromova V.P., Strigunov F.S., Kruglyak O.S.
The indirect electrocatalytic oxidation of sulphur-containing amino acids by active forms of oxygen - 72

Shkaraputa L.N., Mitrokhina L.L., Morozova I.P.
Calculating temperature causing corrosion-resistant coating - 77

Patrylak L.K., Okhrimenko M.V., Yakovenko A.V., Khranovska V.I.
The kinematical viscosity of biodiesel fuel of the rape seed oil ethanol transesterification - 81

Bodachivska L.Ju.
The multicriterial optimization of the technological systems and process and raising the economical efficiency of well - 84

Nykypanchuk M.V., Komarenska Z.M., Chernij M.O.
The regularity of catalyst’s Мо2В activation in reaction of the 1-octene epoxidation by tret-butylhydroperoxide - 91

Zabuga V.Yа., Tsapiuk G.G., Diyuk V.Y., Yatsimirsky A.V.
About the determination of the kinetic parameters of the soot catalytical oxidation - 95

70-th anniversary of O.P. Boyko - 100

70-th anniversary of prof. К.I. Patrylak - 101

Kovtun G.О. (1948–2008) - 102

Regulations for authors - 103