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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2010, No 18



Prudius S.V.
Syntheses of mezoporous acid oxides ZrO2–SiO2 - 1

Voloshyna Yu.G., Merkotoon V.K., Konovalov S.V., Manza I.A., Patrylak K.I.
Acidity of the ceolite catalysts of alkylation isobutane by butenes with selective deactivated external surface - 6

Glikin M.A., Kudriavtsev S.A., Glikina I.M., Kascheev A.S.
The changes of catalyst cracking efficiency of vacuum gasoil in condition of aerosol nanocatalysis technologies - 10

Stepanov A.V., Matusevich G.G., Polunkin E.V.
Processing of coal by thermal pyrolysis - 17

Drozdova N.I., Sviridenko V.G., Khadanovich A.V.
Potentiometric study of the processes of hydroxo complex formation in Мn2+–Сu2+(Cd2+)–NO3 ̄–H2O solutions - 22

Lyavynets O.S., Andriychuk Yu.M.
Thiosemicarbazones of aromatic aldehydes – the inhibitors of the decomposition of cumene hydroperoxide - 27

Kashkovsky V.I.
Receipt of furfural from vegetative raw materials - 31

Piljavsky V.S., Polunkin E.V., Kameneva T.M.
The dynamic load-bearing capacity of liquid alcohols - 42

Bortyshevskyy V.A., Kamenskyh D.S., Yevdokymenko V.O., Melnykova S.L.
The investigation of the carbonic membranes’ proton conductive properties under high temperature - 47

Konjushenko V.P.
Particularities of the associate chlorination of the unsaturated join in fine film high-expansion foam - 51

Shkaraputa L.М., Mitrokhina L.L., Morozova I.P.
Equipment for key stages of production of adhesiv - 54

Brichka S.Ja.
The Chemistry of imogolite nanotube A Part 1. Syntheses and structure - 58

Povazhny V.A., Golovko L.V.
Support of zinc acetate catalyst on the base of activated Donetsk anthracites - 67

Fedevich E.V., Fedevich O.E., Zhyznevsky V.M.
Oxidation of isoamilenes on tellurium-molibdenum-oxidic catalysts - 73

Vykhrystyuk M.I., Dubrova E.A., Kashkovsky V.I., Nikulicheva N.О., Nikitina N.S., Skorochod V.V., Tkachenko D.О.
Research of the oil pollution of soils and processes of their biological utilization by methods of extraction, chromatography, infrared and mass-spectrometry - 78

XXV bioorganic chemistry and petrochemistry scientific conference (theses) - 94

The Centenary of Academician Gutirja V.S. birth - 106

Sukhoveev V.V., Moskalenko O.V., Pilyavskiy V.S.
The investment of G.A. Kovtun in making the modern scientific school of metalcatalysis in Nezhin state university of Nikolay Gogol - 109

Regulations for authors - 111