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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2011, No 19



Tanchuk Yu.V., Kukhar V.P.
Asymmetric and catalytic synthesis of α-hydroxy-β-amino acids - 1

Pop G.S., Bodachivska L.Ju., Mala R.I.
Activation and modification influence of high voltage pulse discharge on properties of anion surfactants - 48

Pop G.S., Spas`ka Н.A., Bodachivska L.Ju.
Low density inverted micro dispersions for minimization of hydrocarbon liquids evaporation - 53

Lisnyak V.V., Yatsimirsky V.K., Safonova V.V., Straiychuk D.A., Boldyrieva O.Yu.
Catalytic oxidation of hydrogen over the systems “complex oxide – supported Рt” - 59

Brichka S.Ja.
Chemistry of imogolite nanotube. Part 2. Modification and properties - 64

Stepanov A.V., Polunkin E.V., Ovcharenko V.Yu.
Hydrogen and motor fuels productions from coal with the use of atomic energy - 72

Kamenskyh D.S., Bortyshevskyy V.A., Kiseljov Ju.V., Melnykova S.L.
Hydrogenation of the heterocycle in protons’ current presence - 77

Golovko L.V., Melnichuk О.V., Bortyshevsky V.A., Тkachenko Т.V., Povazhniy V.А.
Electrocatalysts based on the active anthracite - 82

Shkaraputa L.М., Sidorenko V.M., Danilenko V.V., Tishchenko L.O., Shevchenko L.A.
The technology of 3-aminothiolan-1,1-dioxide - 86

Voloshyna Yu.G.
Zeolite catalysts effectiveness increase through their complex modification - 92

XXVІ bioorganic chemistry and petrochemistry scientific conference (theses) - 101

Professor Yu.L. Ishchuk – 80 years old - 114

Professor L.M. Shkaraputa – 70 years old - 115

Regulations for authors - 116