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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2012, No 20



Levitska S.I., Shistka D.V., Brei V.V.
Ethanolysis of rapeseed oil on modificated silica samples with surrface –SO3H-group - 1

Patrylak K.I., Patrylak L.K. G.A.
Olah’s Theory and Heterogeneous Catalysis - 6

Pop G.S., Bodachivska L.Ju.
Synthesis and properties of surface-active substances based higher fatty acids and products of their chemical transformation - 22

Pop G.S.
Modern Concept of Carbonatation Process Progress in Microemulsions - 35

Patrylak L.K., Patrylak K.I., Okhrimenko M.V., Levterov A.M., Marakhovskyi V.P., Savytskyi V.D., Ivanenko V.V., Konovalov S.V., Voloshyna Yu.G.
Characteristics of biodiesels of different production ways - 39

Pop G.S., Bilenka V.I., Bodachivska L.Ju.
Water-fuel microemulsions stabilized with ethoxylated amineamides of acid rapeseed oil - 43

Patrylak K.I., Konovalov S.V., Patrylak L.K., Okhrimenko M.V., Ivanenko V.V., Voloshyna Yu.G., Manza I.A.
Localization of coke deposits within the separate structure elements of deactivated HY zeolite - 48

Shkaraputa L.M, Mitrokhina L.L., Morozova I.P.
Optimization of the composition adhesive of extrusion coating of cold application - 52

Rogalskyy S.P., Kameneva T.M., Bardeau J.-F., Tarasyuk О.P., Lobok S.I., Vovk A.I.
Antimicrobial polymeric composition based on polyamide 12 and poly(hexamethylene)guanidine dibutylphosphate - 58

Ogurtsov N.A.
Synergy between a catalytic activity of polyaniline and inhibitory properties of a dopant in corrosion protection of mild steel - 64

Polunkin E.V., Kameneva T.M., Piljavsky V.S., Zhyla R.S., Gaidaj O.A., Troshin P.A.
Antioxidant and antiwelding properties of halogenated fullerenes - 70

Korzh R.V.
Hydrothermal Gasification of Lignocellulose Biomass into Gaseous Feedstock for the 2nd Generation Motor Fuels Production - 75

Nebesnyi R.V., Ivasyv V.V., Zhyznevskyi V.М., Pikh Z.G.
Methacrylic acid obtaining by condensation of propionic acid with formaldehyde on B2O3–P2O5–ZnO-catalysys - 88

Voloshyna Yu.G., Pertko O.P., Demydenko M.M., Patrylak K.I., Manza I.A., Patrylak L.K.
Deactivation of HY zeolite of the selectively deacidified outer surface in the pentene-1 cracking reaction - 91

Yudina V.V., Yavors'ka Z.S., Safronov O.I., Yarmoljuk B.M.
Borated succinimides properties depending on boron content - 94

Lubinin J., Kurbatova М., Kulikov L., Кönig N.
Greases with additions of graphene-like molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles - 98

Bagrii E.I.
Carbocation Chemistry: β-methylshift – a new tipe of rearrangement of cations of bridged alicyclic hydrocarbons - 106

Lisnyak V.V.
Catalytic oxidation of hydrogen over the systems V2O5 – supported platinum metal (Pt/Pd) which formed at reduction with hydrogen - 113

Golovko L.V., Melnichuk A.V., Molodiy D.V., Lysukho T.V.
Differentiation of acid groups on different nature carbon materials - 118

Voronchak Т.О., Nykulyshyn І.Ye., Pikh Z.G., Rypka G.M.
Heterogeneous catalytic oligomerization of olefinecontaining fractions of hydrocarbons pyrolysis products - 125

Prudius S.V.
Influence of the syntheses conditions and tungsten concentrations on characteristic of the acid oxides WO3/ZrO2–SiO2 - 131

Olszewski I.V., Gaevskaya T.A., Belokopytov Yu.V.
The gas-phase oxidation of bromobenzene at oxide catalyst - 135

70-th anniversary of Academician Kukhar V.P. - 140

90-th anniversary of Corresponding Member of NASU Vlasenko V.M. - 142

Regulations for authors - 143