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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2013, No 22



Pop G.S., Mytrokhina L.L.
The improvement of adhesion of the polymeric materials by modification of metallic surfaces with the high molecular surfactants - 1

Polunkin Ye.V., Kamenieva T.M., Zhyla R.S., Troshin P.A., Kyrpach K.O.
Antioxidant Properties of Nitrogen-containing Derivatives of Polysubstituted Fullerene C60 - 5

Brej V.V., Varvarin A.M., Prudius S.V.
Selective Сonversion of Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol into δ-Valerolactone over Cu/ZnO–Al2O3 Catalyst - 10

Brej V.V., Ismailov E.G., Inshina E.I., Mamedova T.M., Prudius S.V.
Comparative testing of zeolite catalyst and acidic oxide ZrO2–SiO2 in cracking of vacuum gas oil - 14

Pop G.S., Bodachivskyi Ju.S., Bilenka V.І.
Disperse systems based on vegetal phosphatides - 19

Konyushenko V.P.
Anticorrosion coating of steel tubes based on recycled polyethyleneterephthalate - 27

Myroniuk I.Ye., Kruglyak O.S., Shapoval G.S.
Electrocatalytic modelling of self-assembly of sulfur-containing aminoacids - 31

Piljavsky V.S., Polunkin Ye.V., Kameneva T.M.
About the kinetic nature of load-bearing capacity of low-viscous liquids - 37

Kapustina Ye.V., Kiba S.A., Kapustin A.Ye.
Catalytic properties of mercarbide - 42

Sharanda M.E.
Ethanol-water acetic acid Synthesis over copper-oxide catalysts - 48

XXVІIІ Scientific Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and petrochemistry NAS of Ukraine (thesis) - 54

Shkaraputa L.M.
Department of Chemical Technology and Research of BPCI NAS Ukraine. Intentions and Accomplishments - 67

Patrylak Kazymyr Ivanovych. To 75 anniversary of the birth - 74

Brei Volodymyr Viktorovych. To 60 anniversary of the birth - 75

Shkaraputa L.M., Ischuk Yu.L.
Sklyar Vladimir Tikhonovich. In Memory of an Extraordinary Scientist - 76

Regulations for authors - 79