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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2014, No 23



Brei V.V., Varvarin A.M., Prudius S.V.
Amidation of δ-valerolactone on copper-containing catalysts — 1

Inshina O.I., Sharanda M.E., Brei V.V.
Transetherification of methyl tert-butyl ether
with ethanol over acidic ZrO 2 –SiO 2 oxide and Dowex DR-2030 sulphoresin catalyst
— 5

Kyrpach K.A., Кameneva Т.М., Sheludko Ye.V., Kremenitskiy V.V., Polunkin Ye.V., Zhyla R.S.
Carbon nanospheres in the chains termination of the benzyl alcohol oxidation — 9

Bodachivskyi Yu.S., Pop G.S.
Synthesis and structure of sulfur-containing antifriction additives for lubricants — 15

Kobyzhcha N.I., Holovatiuk V.M., Bezugly Yu.V., Kashkovsky V.I.
Synthesis of 5-spiro-2,4,6-trihydroxypyrimidine. Condensation of the cyclic derivatives of malonic
ester with urea or its derivatives
— 21

Patrylak K.I., Patrylak L.K., Pertko О.P., Demydenko M.M.
Peculiarities of ammonia thermodesorption from the surface of NaY zeolite — 36

Grishchenko L.M., Bezugla T.M., Vakaliuk A.V., Zaderko O.M., Mischanchuk О.V., Diyuk V.Ye.
Bromination of carbon fibers as a route to formation of active functional surface — 43

Zubenko S.O., Patrylak L.K.
Transesterification of rapeseed oil by butanol — 46

Kashkovsky V.I., Voinovsky V.V.
New high-performance reagent for water purification systems of different nature — 49

Shkaraputa L.M., Tyshchenko L.O., Shevchenko L.A., Manoylo O.M.
The process of obtaining an ointment Teobon-ditiomikotsid as an object of automatic control — 55

Gnativ Z.Ya., Nykulyshyn І.Ye., Pikh Z.G., Voronchak Т.О., Rypka G.M.
Production of cooligomers from С 9 fraction by two-stage thermal-catalytic method — 63

Suprun O., Reutskiy V., Ivashchuk O., Mudriy S.
Cyclohexane oxidation in the presence of alcohol containing catalytic systems — 72

Levitska S.I., Inshina O.I., Brei V.V.
Transacetalization of 1,1-diethoxyethane by n-butanol on acidic catalysts — 76

Fedevich E.V., Zhyznevsky V.M., Fedevich O.E.
Kinetic of the oxidative dehydratation of tert-butanol into methylacrolein over iron–tellurium–molybdenum–oxygen catalist promoted by Mg 2+ -ions — 80

Fedorishin А.S., Stavitskaya S.S.
Study of catalytic properties of the modified coals in the model reactions of synthesis and hydrolysis of ethers as a test method of being of effective catalysts for biodiesel fuel — 85

Diyuk V.E., Grishchenko L.M., Zaderko A.N., Bezugla T.M., Mischanchuk A.V.
Halogenation and amination of the surface layer of activated carbon — 91

XXІХ Scientific Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and petrochemistry NAS of Ukraine (thesis) — 97

Tanchuk Yu.V.
My half-century in chemistry — 109

Regulations for authors — 124