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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2015, No 24



Kopachevska N.S., Khalameida S.V., Zazhigalov V.A.
Mechanochemical activation of molybdenum containing systems — 1

Маkhno S.M., Cherniavska T.V., Sheludko E.V., Kukharenko О.Е., Petrus L.V., Таrasyuk О.P., Kozyrovska N.O., Rogalsky S.P.
Electrophysical properties of composite membrane based on bacterial cellulose and protic ionic liquid — 13

Sharanda M.E., Levytska S.I., Brei V.V.
Conversion of sorbitol to propylene glycol over Cu-containing oxides — 18

Bozhko Ye.O., Zhyla R.S., Sheludko Ye.V. Polunkin, Ye.V.
Kinetic regularities of the chain termination of benzyl alcohol oxidation by salen-type copper(II) complexes — 24

Grishchenko L.M., Bezugla T.M., Trachevskiy V.V., Vakaliuk A.V., Byeda O.A., Diyuk V.Ye.
Plasma bromination as pre-treatment of carbon fiber for acid-base catalyst preparation — 31

Grishchenko L.M., Bezugla T.M., Vakaliuk A.V., Radkevich V.Z., Byeda O.A., Diyuk V.E.
Functionalization of carbon fibres with Br- and S-containing groups — 35

Grishchenko L.M., Bezugla T.M., Vakaliuk A.V., Radkevich V.Z., Byeda O.A., Diyuk V.E.
Functionalization of carbon fibres with S-containing groups — 38

Bodachivskyi Yu.S., Pop G.S., Rogalskyi S.P.
Effect of accelerants on oil’s fatty acid esters sulfurization — 41

Shkaraputa L.M., Stepanenko V.I., Sasinovich L.M., Dolya M.M., Pshenichuk R.F., Tishchenko L.O., Danilenko V.V., Tsekhmister Ya.V., Yakovishin L.G., Shevchenko L.A.
The development and introduction of high-efficiency antimicrobial facilities for agriculture and medicine — 47

Myronyuk I.Ye., Kruglyak O.S., Nestyuk N.V., Shapoval G.S.
Modeling of redox-processes during adsorption of thiol amino acids and oxygen on the surface of the gold cathode — 59

Koval L.I., Dziuba V.I., Pekhnyo V.I.
Novel method for the evaluation of the activity of antioxidants (procedure and substrate) — 65

Zheleznyi L.V.
Influence of hydro-carbon composition of basic petroleum oils on the oxidation of high temperature greases — 70

Sych N.V., Strelko V.V., Kupchyk L.A., Tsyba N.N., Fedoryshyn O.S.
Obtaining of sulfonated catalysts on the base of stone raw material for polysaccharide hydrolysis — 76

Sharanda M.Ye.
Obtaining of 2-ethyl-4-methyl-1,3-dioxolane over solid acidic catalysts — 82

Zubenko S.O., Patrylak L.K.
Influence of free fatty acids and water on alkaline transesterification of rapeseed oil by n-butanol — 87

Kamenskyh D.S., Tkachenko Т.V., Yevdokymenko V.О., Kashkovskiy V.І.
Autohydrolysis of pentosan containing raw material — 90

XXХ Scientific Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Рetrochemistry NAS of Ukraine (thesis) — 96

Konyushenko V.P.
Nanochemistry. Peculiarities of gas-liquid reactions in thin films of high-expansion foam — 106

Pop Grygoriy Stepanovych. To the 70th anniversary of birth — 108

Patrylak K.I. (16.12.1938 – 03.04.2015) — 110

Blessed memory of the teacher, colleagues, distinguished expert in the field of catalysis — 111

Regulations for authors — 113