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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2016, No 25



Bodachivskyi I.S., Pop G.S.
Designing and characterization of aqueous microemulsions for metalworking operations - 1

Bagriy E.I., Patryliak L.K.
Petrochemical aspects of activation and mild selective functionalization of saturated hydrocarbons - 5

Sharanda M.Ye., Mylin A.M., Levytska S.I., Brei V.V.
Conversion of glycerol alkaline solution to sodium lactate over Cu/MgO-ZrO 2 catalyst in a flow mode - 18

Bilokopytov Yu.V., Serhuchov Yu.A., Chernobayev I.I., Spaska O.A., Haievska T.A.
Search of oxide catalyst systems for dehydrochlorination of 1,1,2-dichloroethane - 23

Sachuk O.V., Zazhigalov V.A., Fedorovska O.P., Kuznetsova L.S., Shcherbakov S.M.
Mechanochemical activation influence of the ZnO/CeO 2 compositions on their structural characteristics and photocatalytic activity in safranin T degradation process - 36

Nebesnyi R., Pikh Z., Shpyrka I., Zavalii K., Lukiyanchuk A., Shatan A.-B.
Investigation of the catalytic properties of tungsten and vanadium oxides in the process of acrylic acid obtaining by aldol condensation method - 41

Volkova L.К., Merzlykina М.А.
Kinetics of the reactions of cycloalkanes and alkanes in vanadium(V) – sulfuric acid solutions - 45

Bozhko Ye.О., Каchkоvsky О.D., Sheludko Ye.V., Polunkin Ye.V., Zhyla R.S., Piljo S.G., Коndratyuk K.М.
Меtal-complexes of Schiff bases as catalysts of oxidation chains termination. Kinetic and quantum-chemical investigation - 51

Melnichuk A.V., Krimets G.V., Molodyi D.V., Povazhniy V.А., Golovko L.V.
The thermogravimetric analysis of nanoporous carbon materials used as effective catalyst carrier - 58

Pop G.S., Bodachivskyi I.S., Safronov O.I.
Synthesis and properties of higher fatty acids alkanolamides of high-erucic rapeseed oil - 62

Voloshyna Yu.G., Pertko O.P., Yakovenko A.V., Konovalov S.V., Patrylak L.K.
Selectivation by coking in situ of H-MFI zeolite as a catalyst of toluene disproportionation - 69

Shkaraputa L.N.., Mitrokhina L.L., Morozova I.P.
Double tape for repairing local damage protective coatings of pipelines - 74

Konyushenko V.P., Bortyshevskyi V.A., Korzh R.V.
Synergic mixtures of Mannich bases with their salts as efficient corrosion inhibitors for oil-and-gas equipment - 79

Manchuk N.M., Posads’ka O.V.
Production of tert-amyl methyl ether based on light catalytic cracked gasoline fraction - 85

Zubenko S.O., Patrylak L.K., Yakovenko A.V., Konovalov S.V.
The transesterification of sunflower oil with butanol - 90

XXХІ Scientific Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Рetrochemistry NAS of Ukraine (thesis) - 93

To the 60-th anniversary of professor V.S. Brovarets - 104

To the 75-th anniversary of professor L.M. Shkaraputa - 105

Blessed memory of professor Ishchuk Yu.L. - 106

Regulations for authors - 107