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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2019, No 28


Kataliz ta naftohimia: 2019, Vol.28


Bodachivska L.Yu., Verba A.Yu., Safronov O.I., Davitadze D.Z., Papeikin O.O., Venger I.O.
Surfactants based on lipoid biomass and their use in technological systems for gas and crude oil production - 1

Voloshyna Yu.G., Pertko O.P., Krylova M.M., Patrylak L.K., Yakovenko A.V.
The efficiency of palladium-containing MFI zeolites in the isomerization of n-hexane - 20

Pilyavsky V.S., Polunkin Ye.V., Kameneva T.M., Bereznitsky Ya.A.
Features of concentration dependence of load-carrying performance of spheroidal carbonic nanoclusters ethanol solutions - 29

Sharanda M.Ye., Bondarenko Ye.A.
Interaction of lactic acid and ethyl lactate with aldehydes - 38

Shkaraputa L.M., Mitrokhina L.L., Tyshchenko L.O., Shevchenko L.A., Моrozova I.P.
Quantitative patterns during the amidation of triacylglycerols of vegetable oils - 44

Konoval O.А., Makarov A.S., Dymytryuk T.M.
The influence of a polymer waste pyrolysis product on rheological properties of high viscosity oil - 50

Konoval O.А., Nikitin V.O., Verba А.Yu.
The influence of pH on sorption characteristics of organic indicators in tracer analysis - 55

Lavrik R.V., Trachevsky V.V., Diamant V.A.
Growth of monocrystals of double polyphosphate NaMn (PO3)3 and its structure - 61

Aghaguseynova M.M., Amanullayeva G.I., Bayramova Z.E.
Synthesis of the dioxygen complex of oil cobalt (II) porphyrin complex and study of its oxygenating properties - 69

XXХIV Scientific Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry. Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Рetrochemistry NAS of Ukraine (thesis) - 73

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2019 - Vol.28

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