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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2000, No 5-6



G.S. Pop, V.I. Bilenka
Composition and colloid-chemical levers controlling properties of emulsions on the basis of sunflower oil phosphatides - 1

Ju. V. Tanchuk
Synthesis of tertiary amines by diazotation of ammoniaimines. Colloidal and chemistry properties of derivatives of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethylamines - 11

K. Patrylak, A. Yakovenko, L. Patrylak, V. Vypyrailenko, R. Leboda, J. Skubiszevska-Zięmba, P. Bartosh
Adsorption Properties of Faujasites, Synthesized in situ in Kaolin Granules - 16

K. Patrylak, A. Yakovenko, L. Patrylak, R.Leboda, J. Skubiszewska-Zięba, V. Khranovs'ka
On the Correspondence between the Sodium and Aluminium in the Fresh Synthesized Faujasites - 23

V.V. Sukhoveev, Е.V. Shvydko, S.А. Tsigankov, G.A. Коvtun
Tribologycal property of bis[N-(sulpholan-3-il) aminoacetates] of metals - 28

V.S. Mykytenko, I.A. Budzynska, V.V. Evtushenko, O.I. Lukychov
Physyco-chemical indices as quallity guarantee both metalworking fluids and technological lubricants - 31

O.V. Galkin, V.T. Protsyshyn, N.M. Notsyk
Modernization of “Ukrynol-1M” metal-working fluid - 34

O.V. Galkin, V.T. Protsyshyn, V.P. Temnenko
Technological possibilities of the new aqueous metal-working fluids - 36

G.T. Malinovsky, O.O. Makedonsky, V.P. Temnenko, A.Y. Tsapenko
Properties of „MR“ – Grade Metalworking Fluids for Machining and Mechanical Working of Metals - 38

E.A. Kalichevskaja, J.A. Lyubinin, A.S. Gubarev, S.L. Sergeev
State of Development, Production and Application of Rope Greases - 42

G.V. Liesiuk, K.O. Ochrimowich, V.I. Kostiuk
Anticorrosive efficiency study of additives in rust preventive oils - 48

M.M. Dets, G.G. Burlaka
Investigation of the effectiveness of use of motor oils in Ukraine and in the world - 51

R.V. Korzh, S.L .Melnikova, V.A. Bortyshevsky
The Study of Modified γ-Alumina Activity in the Propene Hydration Reaction - 55

V.V. Brei, M.M. Levchuk, O.V Melezhyk, K.I. Patrylak
Influence of conditions of synthesis of superacidic WOx/ZrO2 systems on their catalytic properties in reaction of n-hexane isomerization - 59

M.A. Glikin, D.A. Kutakova, V.V. Semiboroda, E.A. Pavluk, A.R. Zinatylin, R.E. Perestoronina
To the question of vinyl chloride waste proseccing with chlorine recycling - 66

A.V. Cherepnova, A.A. Lender, A.G. Krasnyanskaya, N.V. Bondareva
Methanol synthesis in system of flow reactors - 69

A.O. Grigoriev
Olefines Oxydation and Isomerisation over Palladium Salts - 75

V.V. Sukhoveev, O.V. Moskalenko, G.A. Kovtun
Antiwear and biological properties of organodithiophosphates metals - 81

M.A Glikin, N.M. Zinatulina, O.A. Kovalenko, A.D. Tyulpinov., D.A. Kutakova
Catalyst carriers based on carboniferous raw materials - 88

M.A. Glikin, D.A. Kutakova, E.M. Prin, I.M. Glikina, A.I. Volga
Heterogeneous catalysis on the porous structure and in aerosol - 92

I.A. Novikova
The Synthesis of Highconcentrated Reversible Silica Sols - 102

O. Makedonsky, E. Kobylyansky, Yu. Ischuk, T. Tantsyura
Peculiarities of Super-Molecular Structure of Overbased Component for Complex Sulphonate Lubricating Greases - 104

B.M. Yarmolyuk, I.I. Bereza, V.M. Antonov, 0.0. Mishchuk
Wear peculiarity of engine oils containing magnesium - 111

V.S. Gutirja (For 90 years old) - 116

Regulations for authors - 123