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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2001, No 7



R.V. Likhnyovskyi, A.V. Yakovenko, L.K. Patrylak, I.A. Manza, K.I. Patrylak
Microcatalytic Cumene Cracking: Some Peculiarities of Experimental Results and Ways to the Improvement - 1

A.V. Yakovenko, L.K. Patrylak, R.V. Likhnyovskyi, K.I. Patrylak
The Influence of the Cation Composition of the in situ Syn-thesized Zeolites Y on the Сumene Cracking Products Dis-tribution - 5

L.K. Patrylak, O.M. Taranookha, I.A. Manza, R.V. Likhnyovskyi, K.I. Patrylak
Cumene Cracking Product Distribution over the Ther-motreated and Steamed Zeolite-Containing Catalysts - 9

P.I. Bartosh, L.K. Patrylak, I.A. Manza, K.I. Patrylak
Some Peculiarities of IR Absorption Characteristics of Polication-Decationized Faujasite - 13

G.О. Коvtun, Т.М. Каmeneva, M.N. Vargaftik, I.I. Moiseev
Catalysis of oxidation chains breaking of organic compounds by giant palladium cluster Pd561Phen60(OAc)180 - 16

G.O. Kovtun, G.F. Pustarnakova, N.I Plotnikova
Catalysis of chains breaking of organic compounds acidification by clusters of metals - 18

G.O. Kovtun, V.V. Suchoveev
Catalysis of oxidation chains breaking of aliphatic amines by dendrimer cobalt complex - 21

G.O. Kovtun, G.F. Pustarnakova
Dihydrobenzols oxidation chain breaking catalysis by 2,6-dimethyl-4-substituted phenols - 24

A.A. Grigoriev, E.A. Katsman
Allylacetate and Syntheses on Its Basis - 27

P.I. Parkhomenko, O.A. Musienko, S.N. Kurilchik, L.M. Kril, V.I. Parkhomenko
Synthesis of salts and ethers (1,1-dioxo-tetrahydrothiophen-3-yl)-dithiocarbamic acids - 41

Y.A. Nikitin, K.N. Chomenko, V.V. Brey
Possibilities of application method of continuous pressing of an indentor for an evaluation mechanical properties catalyst’s material - 50

V.V. Sukhoveev
Metal-complexes on the basis of derivative sulfolen-3: biological activity - 55

А.A. Larina, G.L. Kamalov, V.А. Povazhny, L.V. Golovko
Liquid-phase oxidation of dibenzyl ether catalyzed by the modified forms of carbon - 63

L.D. Maslennikova, F.G. Fabuljak
Estimation of molecular interactions in mixtures polyvinylacetate - cured stock of polyisoprene by density change of clusters of a spatial grid - 69

V.М. Jiznevskiy, V.V. Gumenetckiy., L.V. Bajan, S.V. Mykova, T.V. Yunash
Oxidative dehydrogenation and oxidative ammonolysis of olefines C4 - 72

V.A. Kozharskii, V.M. Zhyznevskiy, R.D. Tsybukh, Z.E Mokra, A.P. Mychailiv
Oxidation of isobuthylic alcohol to methacrolein - 76

R.V. Korzh, S.L. Melnikova, V.A. Bortyshevsky
The Study of Modified γ-Alumina Activity in the Propene Hydration Reaction - 79

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