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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2001, No 8



Sukhoveev V.V., Kovtun G.O.
Metalcomplexes on the basis of sulfolene-3 derivatives: antioxidative ability - 1

Kovtun G.О.
Catalysis of oxidation chains breaking of organic compounds by clusters of metals - 10

Starchevskii M.K.
Pd(0) clusters with N-ligands as catalysts in reactions of oxidation of toluene and aliphatic alcohols - 18

Kovtun G.O., Pustarnakova G.F.
Сluster of cobaltous Co3(μ3–CC6H4NH2)(CO)9 in catalysis of oxidation chain breaking of cyclohexadiene-1,3 - 23

Grigorjev A.A., Flid V.L., Belov A.P.
The synthesis of energycaptions hydrocarbons - 26

Zhyznevskii V.M., Fedevych E.V., Karaman G.S.
Oxidative ammonolysis of tertiary butyl alcohol on Fe-Te-Mo-O-catalyst promoted by Ca2+ ions - 36

Zhiznevskii V.М., Gumenetckii V.V, Bazhan L.V., Maikova S.V.
Oxidizing ammonolysis of iso-butylene on Sb-Mo-О-catalysts, promoted by oxides tellurium and vanadium - 41

Kozharskii V.A., Ivasyv V.V., Shybanov S.V.
Synthesis of methylvinylketone by gas phase condensation of acetone with formaldehyde on binary catalysts - 47

KovtunG.О., Kameneva T.M.
Catalysis of oxidation chains breaking of alcohols by 4-tret-butylcalixarens - 50

Ivanov V.M., Vladimirov V.V., Kalinchenko F.V., Deryabko A.G., Truhanov V.N., Tur Y.Y.
Formation of catalyst layers with predicted structural characteristics - 53

Fedevych E.V.
Influence of alkali metals ions on the reduction and reoxidation of Fe-Te-Mo-O-catalyst - 56

Shkaraputa L.M. (For 60 years old) - 61

Regulations for authors - 63