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Catalysis and petrochemistry
2001, No 9-10



Pyatnitsky Yu.I., Lunev M.K.
Kinetic modeling of the Fischer–Tropsch process - 1

Ogurtsov N.A., Shapoval G.S.
Catalytic effect of polyaniline for anticorrosion protection of mild steel - 5

Patrylak L.K.
Catalytic Cracking: practice and theory, development of researches in Ukraine - 14

Kovtun G.O., Pluzgnikov V.A., Cigankov S.A., Pustarnakova G.F.
Сluster of cobaltous Co3(μ3-4-CC(O)–C6H4NHC6H5)(CO)9 in catalysis oxidation break of chain of polypropylene - 26

Karachenets D.
Oil and petroleum products sale from petroleum bases - 30

Altshuler M.A., Samchenko Yu.M.
Systems of prolong operation on the basis of hydrophilic polymers in engineering and medicine - 33

Ostapyuk V.A., Alekseenko L.M., Struzhko V.L., Orlik S.N.
Partial Catalytic Oxidation of C3–C4-Hydrocarbons by Nitrogen Monoxide - 43

Parkhomenko P.I., Musienko O.A., Kurilchik S.N., Kril L.M., Parkhomenko V.I., Evstigneeva E.N.
The Synthesis of Thiocyanates of Sulfolenes - 49

Grigoriev A.O.
Production of flotation reagents - 53

Dets M.M.
Hydrocracking of narrow oil fraction - 60

Dets M.M., Nazarchuk N.M.
Gear oil with rapeseed oil as a component - 63

Dets M.M., Nazarchuk N.M.
Oil for automotive gear-boxes with rapeseed oil as a component - 65

Kravchuk G.G., Pop G.S., Glavati L.O.
Synthesis of sulfurized compounds on the base of esters of vegetable oils and their properties - 67

Tarasenko Y.A., Gerasimuk I.P., Lapko V.F., Lysenko A.A.
Synthesis and studying of Palladium Supported Catalysts on synthetic Active Carbon for reactions of hydrogenation - 72

Kyselov V.P., Kyselov Yu.V.
Some Alternative Methods of Determining the Antiknock Value of Petrols and their Components - 77

Konovalova N.D., Mistchenko V.N.
Photocatalytic oxidizing destruction of the polymeric films, filled by pure and modified dioxide of titanium - 84

Zhiznevskii V.M., Gumenetskii V.V., Maikova S.V., Bazhan L.V.
Influence of strontium and barium ions on catalytic properties of Fe-Te-Mo-O catalyst in reaction of isobutene oxidizing ammonolysis - 88

Bobonych F.M., Patrylak K.I., Il'in V.G., Smelaya Z.V., Manza I.A., Patrylak L.K., Solomakha V.M.
Cumenen cracking over mordenite enriched modified natural zeolites - 93

Bobonych F.M., Patrylak K.I., Levchuk M.M., Tsupryk I.M., Solomakha V.M.
Influence of chemical modification on catalytic properties of clinoptilolite and mordenite in n-hexane hydroisomerization - 98

Piljavsky V.S., Khilchevsky A.I., Petrenko A.E., Golovko L.V.
Antifriction performances of adamantane-containing diesters - 103

Stasevych V.P., Ostapyuk V.A., Martsenyuk-Kucharuk M.G., Matkovs’ka L.A., Gol’tsov Yu.G., Smila Z.V., Orlyk S.N., Bobonych F.M., Il'in V.G.
The investigation of acidity and activity of mordenite enriched modified natural zeolites for process of selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides - 107

Yakubovich M.N., Struzhko V.L.
Secondary reactions of ethylene in the Fischer-Tropsch syntesis on Co/SiO2 Co(II)-, Co/SiO2 V(V)-&Co/SiO2 Zr(IV)-catalysts - 113

For 60 years old of academician V.P. Kukhar - 119

Regulations for authors - 121