Phone: +38-067-525-88-00


11th April 1950, Kyiv, Ukraine


Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Leading Researcher, Department of Catalytic Redox Processes, L.V. Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPC NASU)


Development of scientific bases of structurally-functional design of catalysts for decontamination of technogenic gas exhausts of mobile and stationary sources (CO, NOx, CnHm, О3), catalytic burning of hydrocarbon fuel, transformation of “greenhouse” gases (СО2, СН4, N2O). Design of structured catalysts on metal and ceramic honeycomb monolithic supports as well as granular ones with controlled penetration depth of active components into granules for neutralization processes of industrial and automotive gas emissions, oxidative reforming of methane. Investigation of reactions: total oxidation of organics; CO oxidation, ozone decomposition; reduction of nitrogen oxides; steam-, CO2, combined oxy-CO2 as well as tri-reforming of methane to syngas; tandem processes for obtaining industrially important dienes by conversion of C2, C4 bioalcohols. 


Member of the Organizing Committee of various scientific conferences, in particular, “Modern Problems of Nanocatalysis” (2012, 2017), Ukrainian-Polish Conference “The problems of air pollution and purification: control, monitoring, catalytic, photocatalytic and sorption methods of treatment” (2016)


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