Catalysis and petrochemistry

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No. 32 (2021)
Published December 28, 2021
Catalysis and petrochemistry

Theoretical and scientific-technical collection
ISSN 2707-5796 (Online), ISSN 2412-4176 (Print)


I.V. Shchutskyi, V.V. Brei, M.E. Sharanda, Y.V. Kas’kov, О.Yu. Dagaev, I.M. Pidsadyuk, A.M. Mylin, Y.O. Mykhailenko, O.Yu. Zienchenko
New HPPOa technology for propylene oxide production: from laboratory reactor to commercial pilot installation
G.R. Kosmambetova
Active centers of redox catalysts
S.O. Zubenko, S.V. Konovalov, B.A. Denysiuk, L.K. Patrylak
Alkaline synthesis of fatty acids iso-propyl esters
S.V. Konovalov, S.O. Zubenko, L.K. Patrylak, A.V. Yakovenko
Fuel-grade sunflower oil butyl esters: synthesis, purification, oxidation stability
L.I. Koval, V.I. Dzyuba, V.I. Pekhnyo
Effect of MoО2(VI), Zn(II), Cu (II) and Mg(II) complexes with N-methyldecanohydroxamic acid on the thermal oxidation stability of biodiesel
S.R. Melnyk, V.V. Reutskyi, Yu.R. Melnyk
Homogeneous catalytic oxidation of toluene under the ultrasonic action
L.K. Volkova, I.A. Opeida
Activation of C–H bonds of normal alkanes in sulfuric acid solutions of Mn(III)/Mn(II)
S.P. Rogalsky, O.P. Tarasyuk, V.A. Povazhnyi, T.V. Cherniavska, S.M. Makhno
New promising proton conducting electrolyte for high-temperature fuel cells based on hydrophobic guanidine salt
M.E. Sharanda, A.M. Mylin, O.Yu. Zinchenko, V.V. Brei
Hydrogenation of C`'5 olefins in vapor phase on the copper oxide catalyst
Ie.V. Polunkin, V.S. Pilyavsky, T.M. Kamenieva, S.L. Melnykova, О.О. Gajdaj, Yu.I. Bogomolov
Temperature inversion of the action of multilayer fullerenoid structures in the oxidation of N-decan by molecular oxygen
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