Catalysts for vapor phase condensation of С1-С4 alcohols with carbon chain elongation
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ethanol, methanol, 1-butanol, 2-ethylhexanol, magnesia, alumina, zirconia, hydroxyapatite, acid-base characteristics

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Valihura, K., & Soloviev, S. (2020). Catalysts for vapor phase condensation of С1-С4 alcohols with carbon chain elongation. Catalysis and Petrochemistry, (29), 32-51.


One of the promising areas of research in chemistry and chemical technology is the creation of pro-cesses for the production of industrially important substances using renewable raw materials. С14 alcohols obtained from the processing of non-food biomass can be the source for the production of a number of valuable compounds. In particular, it could be made via the Guerbet condensation of alco-hols, which consist of elongation of the carbon chain involving such reactions as dehydrogenation, al-dol-croton condensation, hydrogenation and/or reduction. Of particular interest is the deve-lopment of heterogeneous catalysts for condensation of С14 alcohols in a flow reactor at atmospheric pressure with high selectivity and the yield of such target products as 1-propanol, 1-butanol, isobutanol, 2-ethylhexanol and other alcohols. Among the systems studied, MgO, Mg-Al-oxides, Zr-Ce(Y)-oxides and hydroxyapatite are able to accelerate the condensation of alcohols in the temperature range of 250-450 0C. The catalytic properties of these systems depend significantly on the acid-base character-istics of their surface. The optimal ratio of surface acid and base sites can be achieved by adjusting the composition and the ratio of the active components in the catalysts, which results in an increase in the yield of the Guerbet condensation products. Therefore, determining the nature and number of acid-base sites is the main priority for developing effective catalysts for the target process.
Article PDF (Українська)


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