No. 29 (2020): Catalysis and petrochemistry
Catalysis and petrochemistry

Theoretical and scientific-technical collection
ISSN 2707-5796 (Online), ISSN 2412-4176 (Print)


L.Yu. Dolgikh, I.L. Stolyarchuk, L.A. Staraya, I.V. Vasylenko, Y.I. Pyatnitsky, P.E. Strizhak
Efficient hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol over ferrite catalysts
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S.O. Zubenko , L.K. Patrylak
Methods of fatty acid butyl esters synthesis: present and prospects
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A.V. Yakovlieva, S.V. Boichenko, A.V. Hudz, S.O. Zubenko
Physical-chemical properties of biodiesel fuels based on camelina oil ethyl esters
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K.V. Valihura, S.O. Soloviev
Catalysts for vapor phase condensation of С1-С4 alcohols with carbon chain elongation
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D.S. Kamensky, V.O. Yevdokymenko, T.V. Tkachenko, N.Y. Khimach, V.I. Kashkovsky
Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide as an alternative source of hydrocarbons
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Ie.V. Polunkin, V.S. Pilyavsky, Ya.O. Bereznitsky, T.M. Kamenieva, А.М. Levterov, A.M. A.M. Avramenko
Improvement of chemmotological properties of diesel fuel by micro-addition of carbon spheroidal nanoparticles
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I. Bodachivskyi
New insights into the mechanism of sulfur vulcanisation: a theoretical study
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O.V. Sachuk
Sonochemical and Mechanochemical Syntheses of Nanodispersed ТіO2/SnO2 System
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O.O. Papeikin, L.Yu. Bodachivska, O.I. Safronov, I.O. Venger, I.O. Venger
Obtaining of urea greases based on transformation products of vegetable oils
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