No. 33 (2022): Catalysis and petrochemistry
Catalysis and petrochemistry

Theoretical and scientific-technical collection

ISSN 2707-5796 (Online), ISSN 2412-4176 (Print)


To the question of oxidation on the surface of oxides: temperature- programmed oxidation of cyclohexanol
Volodymyr V. Brei, Svitlana I. Levytska, Svitlana V. Prudius
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Development of catalysts for the synthesis of higher hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide
Andrii I. Trypolskyi
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The pathways of the phthalic andydride selectivity and yield increase at C4-C5-hydrocarbons oxidation
Olena V. Kiziun, Valerriy O. Zazhigalov
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The kinetic model of the combined heterogeneously catalyzed condensation and esterification of propionic acid and methyl propionate with formaldehyde and methanol
Volodymyr V. Ivasiv, Roman V. Nebesnyi, Svitlana V. Maykova
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Conversion of glucose into 5-hydroxymethylfurfural on granular zeolite catalysts
Lyubov K. Patrylak, Serhii V. Konovalov, Angela V. Yakovenko, Oleksandra P. Pertko, Volodymyr A. Povazhnyi, Oleksandr V. Melnychuk
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Synthesis and properties of VPO catalysts for oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride
Olena A. Diyuk
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Vapor-phase oxidation of ethylene glycol methanolic solution into methyl glycolate over CuO-containing catalysts
Anatolii M. Varvarin, Svitlana I. Levytska, Artur M. Mylin, Oleksii Yu. Zinchenko, Volodymyr V. Brei
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Chemical means of equipment protection during oil and gas fields operation
Olena I. Ivanenko, Tetiana O. Shabliy, Yuliia V. Nosachova, Mykola M. Kosmyna
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Acid transesterification of oils with ethanol on carbon catalysts
Olexandr S. Fedoryshyn
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Catalytic processing of the acid tars
Grigorii V. Krymets, Marta I. Litynska, Oleksandr V. Melnychuk
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Academician V. P. Kukhar: scientist and personality
Oleksandr Boyko, Lyubov Patrylak
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To the 85th birthday of Academician A. F. Popov
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